We must note that change happens in society slowly and gradually. We can’t expect things to change overnight. Howsoever enticing the idea of revolution may sound, in reality, it often brings with itself chaos, disorder, and instability. Being a pragmatist, I judge an idea solely on the basis of its actual performance on the ground and not by what it offers in theory.

Look at all the big changes in society. Whether the transition from selective franchise to universal adult suffrage happened in a day? No, it was the result of prolonged struggle of people of various generations.

That is why we must have patience.  We must not lose hope as we can’t see the big change. We must keep looking for small signs of hope.

The same is true for the struggle against patriarchy. It is a long struggle as the roots of patriarchy are very deep. We must know three things if we need to continue our struggle against all odds:

  1. What are we fighting against?
  2. What are we fighting for?
  3. How to fight?

And above all, we need patience. Because we may not see the end result in our lifetime. But, it is our duty to take the struggle forward and so is the duty of next generation.

In my next blog, I will try to deal with above-mentioned questions.

सब्र रख साथी ,
ना मान तू हार।
धीरे – धीरे समाज में,
आ रहा है बदलाव।

चाहे कितना ही लुभावना लगे ,
क्रांति का विचार ,
पर अपने साथ लाता है ये।
अस्थिरता और भूचाल।

कोई भी बदलाव देखो
तुम उठाकर इतिहास ,
आया है वो शनै शनै ,
दशकों के संघर्ष के बाद।

सब्र रख साथी ,
ना मान तू हार।

© Copyrights: Neelesh Maheshwari


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