I Wonder ( In Collaboration)

Hi everyone… I have written this poem in collaboration with Urvashi ( Link Shreds ). A fine poet, her poetry touches me deeply. It was a pleasure to work with her. Hope you enjoy the poem.

In Italics – By Urvashi

I wonder if lie had a face
Yours would have fitted perfectly there
You know If I have to color every hurt
I ever came across because of you 
I would start with black on the edges 
Like the darkness is currently around mine 
And ravish with blue in the middle 
Like the pain in my core feels 
Ends with deep cracks filled with red
Like the emptiness that flows through me

I wonder if emotions were a game 
You would have been the best player at it
If I have to associate a melody to every heartbreak 
I would begin with stating it state of grace 
Make my way with last kiss
And end it all too well
Just like that 1989’s girl once sang 
Heartbreaks wearing a lipstick so red
I recall every moment I spend relating to her lyrics 
Courtesy of your love 
A love that was merely something of love

I wonder if life is just a crooked race
Which we have to complete by any means.
Leaving behind everything we adore
To pursue something we don’t have.
You don’t know how many times
I stopped, just for you.
Because, for me, life is about caring
the jewels we already possess.

I wonder if true love exists.
Because if it does, my heart would not have been shattered
in innumerable pieces, devoid of any hope.
There is nothing Platonic.
For you, it was just a wild ride.
A purely physical pursuit.
For me, it was the essence of life.
I wonder if that’s the difference between you and me.
I wonder…

Photo Credits: Google

Copyrights ©: Urvashi and Neelesh


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